Emily Hawgood Skyrunner

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Meet Emily Hawgood ~ Skyrunner

Emily Hawgood is from Zimbabwe, Africa and runs on the Gauge 20 Running Team.  She is also a part of the International Scott Running Team.  Emily tells us a little bit about her passion – running……
I’ve always loved the idea of the mountains. Hiking, camping, exploring them, but never before have I been able to wake up in the morning and decide I’m going to run up a mountain. It’s an amazing feeling, clambering up a mountain side, running on trails, bombing off the edge of ridges, skiing down scree fields, floating from rock to rock, and of course getting to experience some summits! Every mountain is beautiful and unique. Big forest filled mountains, can open up into meadows filled with wildflowers! Rocky mountains, with big slabs that form walls around you or boulder fields and planes of sheet rock! The desert mountains are different too some have sage brush, sand dunes, or rock that crumbles in your hands. The mountains change from season to season and so do you, from wearing tank tops & shorts for quick jaggles, to 5 layers, gloves, thick socks & hand warmers, for days in the mountains that are a little more character building. A picture never catches those moments fully that take your breath away and leave you itching to get back up there and experience more! 

2017- Checking out the UTCT Course on Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

2018- Lost Rivers Peak with Paul Lind and Nate Bender

I do most of my training by myself, and I once read a quote that said, “make sure you are a person you enjoy being around, because you will spend most of your time with yourself!” I have loved going on a daily adventure, making decisions midrun to follow the unbeaten trail or sing goofy songs out loud as I wind my way through areas in the mountain where your hair stands up on the back of your neck and you can feel eyes watching you! Being by myself a lot has forced me to dig deep, to be my biggest fan and overcome moments when I’m out there and being my biggest critic. I have loved laughing at myself! Falling over, getting hit by flying pinecones thrown by squirrels and sometimes getting so tired or lost that the only thing to do is uncontrollable giggle yourself out, praying you’ll hit a road, a river, or something you recognize. There have definitely been tears, don’t anyone worry, tough days, scary days, days being caught cliffed out but unsure how you would get back the way you came. It’s my sanctuary out in the mountains sharing the trails with the mule deer, kudu, elk, elephants, snakes, birds and so much more, taking in the beauty surrounding me and feeling smaller than an ant at the base of a waterfall! Thankful for the ability to be moving freely! 

2018 - Pirin ridges, Bulgaria

2019 - Exploring Cape Town with Meg Mackenzie and Kerry-Ann Marshall

2017 - Cougar caves, Owyhee Mountains, Idaho, USA

Even though I just spoke about the beautiful bliss of being alone in the mountains some of my favorite days have been with people in my life who really make the mountains come alive. I laugh a lot more and get laughed at whole lot more, that is for sure! I love and appreciate the community I’ve found through running in the mountains! There is something special about planning to hang out with people who share your love for the mountains for 2, 12, 22 hours.
In some cases having a plan and a trail to follow, in others just going out to wing it, or taking snow shoes to get a really good laugh at an African navigating snow! Sharing workouts, plans for epic races or big adventures, pictures, recovery feelings, lowest of lows during loss, injury or sickness & highest of highs in life in general. I have an amazing community made up of people from all over the world, my family, coach, friends, teammates, and every person I meet along the way; their love, support & encouragement is irreplaceable! There is so much to appreciate from what I get to do and where I get to be to run I would never be able to share it all, but hopefully this article and these pictures give you a glimpse at what it’s all about and how much I love running in the mountains!

2018 - Klof Nek Corner Ridge, Cape Town, South Africa

2019 - Farm Runs with mum

2019 - Dressed To IMPRESS! Sweeping the RONR course with Sam Linnet

Mountain Running

2018 - Exploring Bulgaria with Dani Jung

2018 - Birthday adventures in Chamnoix, France with mum

2017 - Looking down from the top of Zimbabwe

Mountain Running

2019 - All giggles on the girls road trip to Black Canyon 100k

2019- African in SNOW!

2019 - Making the most of every second of 22 hours in Glacier National Park with Nate Bender

Emily Hawgood

2019 - Running through the African bush

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